ometimes keeping up with the terminology used in web development can be challenging. Here are some of the terms and explanations of how and why we use them.



Tech Notes
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
Portable Document Format (PDF)


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The Java™ platform was created so that the same software could run on many different kinds of computers. This revolutionary technology lets computers and devices communicate easier.

Java™ can either be written as an interactive program called an applet or as a script within the HTML.
Dynamic Buttons
Temporarily replace the button with a different button when your mouse rolls over it
Temporarily replace a graphic when your mouse goes over the button
Temporarily replace both with a different button when your mouse is over the button
Draw attention to your idea
Add emphasis to your message
Reinforce good concepts
Username and Password
Control access to vital information.
Java Alerts
Remind visitors to fill in required fields within a form.
Popup Window
Although not recommended to automatically popup when the page is loaded, popup windows can add functionality to your web site.
Popup Browser
Direct visitors to other helpful websites while making it easy for them to come back to your site.

Standard Requirements for your visitor's web browser
Internet Explorer 4.0 or above
Netscape 4.0 or above

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a small application program. One application of CGI will process data submitted from a form on a web page to a readable format and will email that information to a specified email account. Other CGI scripts will add a counter or a search engine to the web page.

Customized email Form Submissions

Reduce customer support costs
Generate consumer feedback

Find out how many visitors have viewed your site

Portable Document Format (PDF)
Make Your Printed Documentation Available On-line Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems Inc. PDF files are viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free of charge). This format allows you to read electronic documents in a page-by-page view of the documentation as they appear in their printed form, as well as allowing a keyword search. Standard Requirement for your visitor: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Maintain original format of document
Compresses the size of document for compatibility with the internet
Save money in web design time
Note: Although Acrobat Reader is becoming an industry standard there is still a large number of web surfers that do not have this program. It is a good idea to inform your visitor that it may take up to 20 minutes to download and install this software.



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