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Web pages are put up for many different reasons. Commercially, the most obvious is to advertise and sell a product or service. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use websites to promote business:
Publish information about your company.
Keep product and service information current. You can update your materials as often as you like with almost instantaneous distribution.
Post anything - from audio of your CEO's speech to a self-running, multimedia software (or any other) demo for point-and-click downloading.
Receive statistical reports on who visits your site and what they're most interested in.
Provide on-line forms linked to electronic mail boxes. Using on-line forms, information request forms, order forms and other documents can send important information directly to salespersons, order departments and others.

Establish Credibility in the Marketplace

Many websites are designed to reinforce businesses' professional identity in the competitive marketplace and to present detailed information about products and services. This website is an example of this. Pages by Design does not directly sell services through this site, but it's presence and the quality of the content and design is intended to give readers confidence in our abilities.

Product Support

One of the best commercial uses of web pages is in product support.

Many businesses have found that the investment in informational websites saves them money by providing 24/7 answers to commonly asked questions by clients and potential customers.

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