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·The Importance of Website Architecture
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Website Architecture

One of the very first steps in developing a website is designing its architecture. Like the blueprints of a building, the architecture outlines the overall site. Careful planning at this stage can mean cost savings in the long term as the site is designed to allow for future growth and development.
Pages by Design can create and develop a siteplan which is the architecture to model your website. The siteplan will map your website and provide a list of content and site assets. Your siteplan will include a list of site keywords for embedding into your final website. The siteplan significantly reduces development time and can save you money.

Choosing content for your website can be a complicated process. Information should be organized into a clear and precise structure which is easy to navigate. Here are some suggestions for content areas for you to consider:

  · Company Background
  · Testimonials
  · Product Announcements
  · Product Catalogs
  · Product Information
  · Customer Support
  · Service Information
  · FAQ's
  · Surveys
  · Contact Us
  · Privacy Statement
  · Response Forms

Marketing strategies should be the primary consideration in developing your web presence and deciding on its content and architecture. Customized solutions can be the key to making your site a valuable marketing tool.


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